Whole House Standby Generators


Confused between which Whole House Generator or Standby Generator is right for you? We have the answers...

Large Kohler Power Whole House Generator

Large Kohler Power Whole House Generator

In truth, there is no single Whole House Generator that will fit everyone's needs. People buy Standby Generators for a variety of reasons and to cope with many different scenarios. With that in mind, here are the basic criteria that people start with when choosing Whole House Generators and Standby Generators:

  1. Price - Most People have a budget to stay within which will have to cover the cost of the generator itself, any accessories such as transfer switches, cold weather kits etc and also the cost of the installation.
  2. Application - Are you living in a remote place or in a town or city in a small/medium or large home and do you need just a backup generator to power essential lighting/furnace/power outlet circuits? More and more people go the whole hog and install a true Whole House Generator to power everything they've got including the 5T HVAC unit (s) whilst barely noticing the blackout event.
  3. Event Planning - Almost anyone in the US experiences a power outage once in a while and that may be all you are planning for. However, if you live in an area of frequent natural disasters - hurricanes, tornadoes, extremes of heat or cold - or maybe you have vital medical supplies and equipment for an elderly loved one to safeguard, all those things add extra urgency to the importance of purchasing a reliable whole house generator that will supply your needs and take a weight of worry off your mind!
  4. Preppers! Wise folk who want to be ready for anything and everything - or TEOTWAKI as it gets called, generally living as off grid as possible and needing a backup power source to recharge battery banks, power sumps and pumps etc. Of course not everyone living off grid is a prepper. A large number of Americans live far from water, gas and power utilities and an increasing number choose to live off grid and away from it all - so standby generators are just part of the kit.

With all of the above in mind, here are our top whole house and standby generator reviews that should cover most scenarios:

Generac CorePower 5837 7Kw Standby Generator - one for powering vital circuits and for the budget concious

Kohler 14Kw Residential Standby Generator  - A slightly higher powered unit for Part or whole house use depending on property size

Generac Guardian 5875 20Kw Whole House Generator  - A Popular air cooled mid range generator for most whole house scenarios

Kohler Water Cooled 30Kw Whole House Generator  - A True Whole House Generator, highly reliable and a trusted brand

Not all Backup Generators have good reviews - at wholehousegenerators.us - we aim to give you both sides of the story:

Generac Guardian 5873 17Kw Standby Generator - Read what can go wrong when you think you did everything right!